The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

Comments From The Community

Some of the comments mailed into us from people who have experienced The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

"Great!" -- Vivian

"We look forward to this each year. Thank you!" -- C.M.

"It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't see your magical truck -- we've enjoyed it for 20 years! Hope you continue for 20 more years!" -- Linda A.

"Great -- Keep that truck rollin'." -- Ron

"Keep up your great work. We love your 'Magical Christmas Caroling Music'. It is 'heavenly.' Have a happy, blessed & wonderful Christmas. Congratulations on you 20th anniversary of bringing good cheer to our neighborhood." -- Cathy, Nellie & Monica

"We love it every year! Please stop the truck in front of our house. 20 years congratulations!" -- Bill and Susan

"We love you!" -- Sam and Barbara

"It starts in front of our house on X-Mas Eve -- We love it -- Never stop!" -- Charlian

"We always look forward to the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck. We thank you all very much." -- Beatrice

"Great what you do!" -- Winifred

"For all the many years, the highlight of our Christmas Eve family celebration -- Thanks Neighbors." -- John and Brenda

"We live for your parade." -- Michael

"Wish it could be a million. You are wonderful! Happy Holidays!" -- Lisa

"I'm looking forward to my favorite Christmas present. Thank you all!" -- Sammie J.

"Love the parade -- Keep it going!" -- Ellen

"High point of the Holiday. Thank you!" -- Robi

"It's the highlight for all our guests on Christmas Eve. Thanks." -- Don

"Thank you." -- Joan and Frank

"We look forward to seeing you every year. We have out of town family this year who will enjoy it also." -- Mr. & Mrs. Larry

"Keep it up, we love it." -- Elsa

"It's really magic!" -- Lana

"Thank you!" -- Steve and Michelle

"Thank you!" -- Cos & Kelly

"Thank you for making the Christmas Spirit of family friends and neighbors come alive on Christmas Eve!"

"This is my first visit to Toluca Lake Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Thanks for a wonderful time and great food! My favorite was the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck. I like the twinkling lights, animation and creativity. It reminds me of "It's a Small World" from Disneyland. See you next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" -- Betty

"Donated on behalf of my next door neighbors, Mitch + Jen." -- Robert J.

"We're looking forward to seeing you!!" -- Rye & Susan

"We had enjoyed this tradition for 20 years and we hope to enjoy for many years more." -- Mario

"I've always enjoyed!" -- Eleanor

"We love it!!" -- Mitzi

"Thanks" -- John & Susan

"Thank you" -- Valarie

"Thank you for brightening up our X-Mas Eve. God Bless you all. Thank you again."

"I have a traditional Christmas Eve party & we love the 'truck' and caroling." -- Elizabeth

"Keep em rollin' a great Christmas tradition." -- Tim & April

"Thank you so much for making Christmas Eve so "Magical" my son will be 2 years old this month and he already loves the truck. Thank you." -- Don

"We look forward to your visit every year!" -- Ruth

"Our family looks forward to the Christmas truck every year. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!" -- George & Marie

"Enjoy!" -- Jane

"I enjoy the truck goes by my side of the street on Clybourne Avenue every year. Thank you!" -- Tatsuko

"We love the Caroling truck. It is a terrific tradition and enjoyed by all in our neighborhood."

"We always have a crowd of friends & family Christmas Eve to see the truck! Thank you!" -- Adrienne

2002 Christmas Comments From The Community

"Thanks for such a special treat on Christmas Eve." -- Susan and John

"You guys are great!" -- Sofia

"A wonderful show of Christmas spirit." -- Winifred

"We look so forward to seeing you guys every X-Mas Eve. It has become our favorite X-Mas experience. Keep up the excitement." -- Dennis and Teresa

"Looking forward to another year. We get a great enjoyment from you." -- Chris

"Keep up the good work. You're the best!" -- The Goulds

"I look forward to this night every year. There's not a nicer Christmas gift. Thank you all." -- Sammie

"Never stop!" -- Ellen

"A tradition we and our neighbors/friends enjoy!" -- Charlie and Bruce

"We look forward to this spectacular annual event, which brings so much joy to our neighbors and us." -- R.S.H.M

"We have lived at this address since 1988 and have enjoyed your trick immensely even though we celebrate Hanukah. We all come running out when you come. Thank you for the great job you guys do." -- Edith and Moshon

"We love seeing you every year!" -- Cheryl and Mark

"Thank you." -- John

"Fun." -- Irene

"I will be singing on all events with you -- it's my 3rd year! Happy Thanksgiving to you all." -- Jean

"I wish it could be more but now I'm retired. You make my X-Mas eve when you stop in front of my house on Morrison Street. Your cheer magic and love and merryment are so wonderful. Please if you can come by again. Thank you." -- Gennie

2001 Christmas Comments From The Community

"Merry Christmas and thank you for the many smiles you have brought to our Christmas celebrations these past several years. Seeing your truck filled with smiling faces is a joyous part of our holiday traditions." -- Jeannie

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful gift. Every year on x-mas eve we come out to see you go by, unfortunately we are on a dead end street, so we can't have you pass by our house so we walk down the street. We listen outside to see when you are near. I wish all of you a very Merry X-mas and I am looking forward to seeing the truck at the open houses and X-mas eve. Thanks Again & Merry Christmas to all the families involved and a Happy New Year." -- Monica

"You always come to my door and I love it. I am the grey house blind lady with my guide dog and grandchildren. You all help my Xmas Eve like the old fashioned ones everyone loves. Thank you for singing particularly at this time. Such joy, love, and cheery voices." -- Jeannie

"We just love the spirit of the 'Caroling Truck.' We need it especially this year! Keep up the great job you're doing and have a blessed and peace filled Christmas." -- The Sisters on Sancola Ave.

"LOVE IT -- Best part of Xmas" -- John

"Thanks for the updated map and thank you for another year of wonder and amazement and fun. We rush home from church to see you go by, so please don't be early. God bless you all." -- Chris

"We look forward to this each year. Thanks!" -- Christina

"We enjoy the parade every year. Thank you." -- E.

"Thanks for all the great years! I can help weekends, plus after Dec. 22. I'll Call!" -- Cleo

"I love this MAGICAL EXPERIENCE!" -- Laura

"We love you and hope you'll be filling our block with music and holiday cheer. See you Christmas Eve!" Bill and Susan

"Absolutely Love It!" -- West Toluca Lake Residents Assn.

"The Christmas Caroling Truck makes our Christmas very special." -- Leslie

"Our Christmas Eve party with friends and family always looks forward to the fun and spirit the Xmas truck adds to our celebration. Thanks for being part of our tradition." -- Michael and Vicki

"For many years my family and I have enjoyed your wonderful caroling truck. The time of arrival is just perfect for the finale of our Xmas dinner. I hope this schedule stays the same, good timing for the grandchildren. Thanks so much." -- Yvonne

"I love the truck and look forward to seeing them every Christmas Eve." -- Wilma

"Love this parade!!!" -- Carol and Tom

"Enjoy Very Much" -- Ken

"The highpoint of our Christmas Holiday!! Thank you! Thank you!" -- Dennis

"Thank You" -- Joan

"It never fails to raise our spirits." -- Charlie and Sherry

"It's a Tradition" -- Leonard and Carmen

"We love the truck! We enjoy it every year! Thanks for spreading the spirit!" -- ?

"Thank you for all the wonderful years and memories" -- Harry and Pamela

"Thank You, all!!!" -- Christine

"Very Nice." -- Irene

"I look forward to this every year. It makes my Christmas. Keep up the good work. Thank you all."-- Sammie

"Our children come from different cities to watch the parade, everyone enjoys it very much."-- Casey & Ann

"We love the truck! So does our 3 year old Samantha. Keep on truckin'! -- L.

"I love the Christmas Truck!!! It's now a tradition for my family and friends to get together at my house on Christmas Eve and we all enjoy the carolers and the music. Thanks so much from all of us!" -- Virginia

"Great annual Event! We love it." -- Patsy

"Thank you so very much for the joy and spirit you give to us." -- Vilma

"Our family enjoys the X-mas Caroling Truck and thanks all the people involved in this project we wish you all the best." -- The Masrelian Family

"Wonderful -- keep it going. Appreciate all the work that goes into the festivities. Happy to have met Rick and the sound man. It really was lots of fun for the community and families." -- Helen

"We enjoy 'It's Great!'" -- Eleanor

"The Christmas Caroling Truck has started a long needed tradition for my family and friends. Thank you so much!" -- Danielle

"We love it!!! Have followed and sung with you for a couple of blocks. WONDERFUL SPIRIT!" -- Peggy

"It is such a joyous and heartwarming event to look forward to on Christmas Eve!! Thank You!" -- Ajalat's

2000 Christmas Comments From The Community

"You make the spirit shine forth!" -- Charlie

"The Caroling Truck is such a great idea. It encourages unity among neighbors." -- Cleo

"Thank you so much for making our Christmas and our neighbor's Christmas so full of love and happiness." -- Teresa

"Keep up the good work! It's wonderful, Merry Christmas!" -- Marie

"Our 2 ½ year old grandson is looking forward to seeing you." -- Thomas

"I love the caroling truck Christmas Eve is made more magical the caroling. We look forward to it every year." -- Laura

"Thanks for bringing music, singing, and good cheer to our neighborhood." -- Sister Monica

"Look forward to this every year." -- Elizabeth

"Thanks for the joy this brings!" -- Marianne

"Love and good will to all of you. You've made our Christmas Eve sooooo 'cheerie' and bright for quite a number of years. Hope to be able to contribute more next year. Thank you, thank you." -- Peggy

"We look forward to the Christmas Caroling Truck every year. It's an inspired idea." -- M.

"I look forward to your wonderful caroling truck every year and the neighborhood kids love it. the time it arrives is perfect, just before bedtime. Thank you." -- Yvonne

"Love your visits." -- Marie

"We always enjoy your journey down our street. It starts the season for us." -- David

"Happy Holidays! God Bless You." -- Barbara

"It is always great to hear and see all of you." -- Milton

"The truck is wonderful. My dad, Ken, who is 87 years young enjoys it so much. Thank you." -- Ann

"Wonderful idea -- wonderful people -- all." -- Robert

"Thank you for your loving service that adds so much to make the holiday bright." -- F.

"My grandkids just loved this parade -- the last 8-10 years -- they will not make it down this year, but there are lots of little ones to enjoy." -- BL

"Thank you all for making every Christmas brighter. I look forward to it every year." -- Sammie

"I look forward to the arrival of the truck each year. It really gives me the Christmas spirit." -- Wilma

"Great! I look forward to it each year, as do our family and friends." -- Laura

"Last year was my first time to see the Christmas Truck and it really warmed my heart. Thank you." -- Heather

"Merry Christmas, everyone!" -- Chris

"Thank you so much for the joy and spirit of the season that your caroling truck brings to us." -- Vilma

"Your Christmas production has made our holiday season complete for many years -- we hope you will continue for many years to come. Thanks to all!" -- Bruce

"Keep up the good work. The family enjoys it very much. Wishing you Happy Holidays. Have a great day." -- Casey

"The Christmas Truck makes Christmas Eve so very special!!" -- Brenda

"We look forward to the caroling truck each year. Thank you." -- H.J.

"I am never home on Christmas Eve, but enjoy having seen you in the past. It's wonderful!!" -- Beverlee

"It's Magical" -- Barbara

"We love you guys! Good Luck." -- Adam

"I really enjoy the Christmas Caroling Truck!!" -- Alexie

"Your Christmas Caroling is greatly appreciated by our family." -- Michael

"We thank you very much for what you are doing to our community, and wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous New Year. God Bless." -- Josephine

"It's a wonderful celebration of the holiday you provide…thank you for the joy it brings to us. Happy Holidays to you and the group. And you have honored our neighborhood with this group!" -- Virginia

"Thank you for making Christmas Eve so special!" -- Eddy

"What a joy!" -- Alyce

"WE LOVE IT -- Thank you!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." -- Vickie
"Exited, our first Christmas in our new home." -- Steve

"A perfect neighborhood Christmas tradition -- hope it keeps on happening" -- John

"I just wanted to thank you all for making Christmas a more joyous occasion (as usual). I look forward to it every year. Keep up the good work." -- Sammie

1999 Christmas Comments From The Community

"For all it's glitz, fancy lights etc. this truck embodies the joy, celebration, love and spirit of Christmas!"

"The truck is very special to my home. We plan a Christmas Eve get together so our relatives can see the truck! Thanks!!!"

"You are the highlight of our Christmas Eve!"

"We have enjoyed (loved!) the "traveling mistrals" blasting Christmas songs for many year. Friends insist to come to our house on Christmas Eve -- just to hear and see your truck!!"

"Thank you for establishing such a wonderful tradition for our neighborhood"

"You have become a heart warming tradition for us. Thank you for making our lives better."

"It makes a true, blessed, caring Xmas for all your neighbors. I cry every year. Thank you all so very much -- a God's blessing on all involved with your beautiful project."

"A lovely, festive event which we anticipate every year. Thank you."

"Terrific! Such spirit. If only the rest of our town could have such a spirit. I remember the group last year -- in the pouring rain -- with the same spirit love. Thank you all."

"Thanks for doing it every year -- restores my faith in humanity."

"It was really Christmas Eve when you came around the block caroling. What joy!"

"We are in our seventy's and don't get our as we once did. Your caroling truck is a joy that we look for each year."

"The saddest thing was when it rained last year and my six year old granddaughter thought you weren't coming. Thank you for the best part of the holiday season and for making Ashlee's life a little brighter."

"The caroling truck is magic and we look forward to it every year."

Looking forward to seeing you again this year. We echo all the positive comments on your website. I hope you can keep the truck going forever. Too bad all neighborhoods don't have a truck and the spirit to support it. Merry Christmas.

Thank you once again -- We enjoy it every year. It makes Christmas Eve in Toluca Lake like Christmas at home in Wales.

"We Love the Truck!"

"We are so glad and happy to see it always coming through our street."

"We love this Truck, and it is the highpoint of every Christmas Eve."

"It's a great presentation."

"We are new to the neighborhood...saw the truck for the first time last year -- I was amazed...It's beautiful and completes the holiday."

"We Love your caroling truck. We tell everyone we know about it. It's the perfect thing to do on Christmas Eve. Thanks for doing this."

"You are the most unique experience to look forward to all year long. Thank you for all your hard work!!"

My grandchildren (4) are from Boise, Idaho down visiting for the third time -- just love it.."this grandma has a parade down her street, that's cool!"

"Don't stop! How many communities in L.A. are lucky enough to have your wonderful singing spectacle through their neighborhood!?"

1998 Christmas Comments From The Community

"You are a wonderful start to Christmas. We will not be home Christmas Eve, but look forward to seeing and enjoying you at the Toluca Lake open house." -- David

"My daughter and her husband come down at X-Mas time form Eagle,Idaho- the four grandkids have enjoyed this for about five years. Thank you, thank you." -- Betty

"Your parade last Christmas made my Christmas. It was my 1st X-Mas in this area-talk about serendipity! Thank you all!!" -- Sammie

"Seeing the Magical Caroling Truck has become an annual tradition for our grandchildren and us. Thank you!" -- Len and Carmen

"We love you guys. This will be the first year my five year old daughter can see you." -- Adam

"We look forward to your visit to our neighborhood every year!" -- -Neil

"It's simply wonderful what you do!!!" -- Winifred

"We love your truck and look forward to seeing it each year. Thank you for what you do." -- Tom and Linda

"Thank you! We look forward to you every Christmas Eve!!!" -- Mrs. N.

"I look forward every year to your wonderful caroling truck. It is a grand finale to your Christmas dinner and a delight for my six grandchildren. Around 8pm is perfect timing." -- Yvonne

"We look forward to hearing you and seeing you every year. You have brought so much enjoyment through the years. Thank you!" -- Shirley

"God bless you for this annual Christmas caroling." -- Mr. &Mrs. B.

"Please be sure that you come by Biloxi. Thanks, this is a great idea." -- Marianne

"Good show-we like to watch." -- Ken

"Our family now considers it a tradition to gather at our home on Christmas Eve because of the truck. Our group has expanded to in-laws and friends and all look forward to it." -- Laura and Willis

"We have our family over on Christmas Eve and it's a 'special treat' to have the Christmas Caroling Truck come by. Thank you for a wonderful event." -- Marie

"I'll be thinking of you when I am in England this Christmas. Is there a video tape available?" -- Robert

"I look forward every year to your fantastic parade. It really brings out the spirit of Christmas." -- Wilma

"We've loved your Magical Caroling Truck for 13 years-thanks." -- Pamela

"We love your wonderful truck and singers etc." -- Alice

"Thank you! For making Christmas very special!" --John and Eloise

"Happy Holidays to all the carolers, staff, drivers, builders and elves; all thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas Eve caroling. This year is our 4th year here and we look forward to your wonderful singing and music. My family comes over then especially to hear you. God bless you all."

"Thank you so very muck for the joy you bring us. Merry Christmas." --Vilma

"A-1, as usual!" -- Beverlee

"We enjoy the Christmas Caroling Truck so much!" -- Vivian

"Thank you for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and sharing it with the neighborhood!! We look forward to seeing everyone every year! May God bless you all!" -- Eddy and Kathy

"This 'makes' our holiday every year." -- Adrienne

"Enjoy it every year!" -- Irene

"We've loved the gift you've given our neighborhood over the years!" -- Christie & Pay

"Every year you come right past our house, and we love it! Please keep it up!" -- Bill and Susan

"We look forward to you coming by every year- thank you." -- Charlene

1997 Christmas Comments From The Community

"Maybe we could sing along with you."

"We thoroughly enjoy the truck every year. You all are a true blessing of Christmas!"

"We really appreciate your work and look forward to the truck every year. Our family now looks forward to getting together on Christmas Evening and nephews and nieces are wanting to bring girl and boy friends. Thank you."

"We all enjoy your Christmas festivities- thank you."

"Your caroling is truly magical- please keep it up!"

"Thank you for adding joy to the Christmas season."

"I look forward to this event each Christmas Eve- thank you."

"Your caroling truck is one of the highlights of Christmas Eve. We look forward to it every year!"

"Most enjoyable- we save that evening for you. Thank you and God bless you!"

"We have enjoyed the Magical Christmas Caroling truck each year! Thank you."

"Thank you for another year of Christmas joy and neighborhood tradition, our family looks forward to your "magic" yearly. God bless."

"Thanks! We look forward to seeing you!"

"Thanks so very much for the few minutes of joy you bring on Christmas Eve. We so look forward to your truck, it's such a happy time- makes you feel like a kid again. Please accept our small donation for your efforts in bringing us joy. Bless you and I am sorry you have a crabby neighbor- heard and saw him at our neighbor watch program. Merry Christmas and God bless."

"I love your singing."

"I love the parade. It is the highlight of the holiday season! Thank you."

"Love all around all of you. Thanks."

"Thanks for giving us so much pleasure on Christmas Eve."

"Thank you for this wonderful tradition!"

"Your truck is the highlight of our evening. A pure delight enjoyed by all ages. I hope you continue coming down Ledge Ave. It is now our tradition."

"If possible pass my home early."

"Thank you for being such terrific neighbors!"

"We love the M.C.C.T! Please on Christmas Eve, bring the truck past Hesby St. between Cleon and Riverton. Happy Holidays!!"

"A joyous presentation!"

"I look forward each Christmas Eve to your arrival."

"Outstanding caroling truck. A moving experience!"

"I'm sure you know how much our family and friends and neighbors have enjoyed all that everyone has done for all of our's joyous holiday. We thank and appreciate all the hard work. Looking forward to seeing you again. I have made copies to send to all our friends- hope that donations and spirit still continue. Love and peace."

"New to the neighborhood. Saw truck for first time last year- was amazed. It's beautiful and completes the holiday."

"It's a great presentation!!"

"We love this truck, and it is the high point of every Christmas Eve."

"I enjoyed the truck parade so much! Thank you, it was very moving and a great way to bring the community together. The smiles on the little children's faces were priceless!"

"Rick and Maria- The highlight of our Christmas Eve. It gets better every year. Thanks again."

"Hope you continue to come down Forman Ave."

"I look forward to your appearance each year. It makes my Christmas brighter."

"Keep up the good work- go a little slower."

"We love the truck! Thanks a lot!"

"We love your caroling truck. We tell everyone we know about it. It's the perfect thing to do on Christmas Eve. Thanks for doing this."

"You are the most unique experience to look forward to all year long. Thanks for all your hard work!!"

"It's the most beautiful Christmas Eve we have in our neighborhood. Thanks a million. God bless all of you."

"We love you! You bring much joy on Christmas Eve."

"Enjoy it so much, last year you did not go around Sarah, Kling, Clybourne block as you usually do. Hope you do this year. Wish I could give more."

"It is a wonderful event you put forth and your effort is greatly enjoyed. All our families want Christmas festivities at our house so that they can enjoy your presentation. Keep up the great work."

"We love it!"

"Keep up the good work."

"We look forward to the truck ever year."

"Thanks so much! We love it!"

"I love the Christmas truck- can't wait to see you again this year."

"Thank you so much. I have enjoyed this for years and I am happy to donate. I just wish I could give more."

"Thank you once again- we enjoy it every year. It makes Christmas Eve in Toluca Lake like Christmas at home in W. Wales."

"We love the truck!!"

"We are so glad and happy to see [you] always coming through out street. We promise you we can help as much as we can. Thank you."

"We look forward to your arrival every year. Let's hope for good weather!"

"Although I'm not always home Christmas Eve, I always catch up with you someplace and am cheered by your magical truck!! More 'cheery' music is appreciated!"

"We love your wonderful musical truck! How pleased we are to see the 'ministry' grow! Thank you!"

"Thanks for another great year."

"Have enjoyed your Xmas efforts for years. Keep up the fine work."

"Keep up the spirit of Christmas!"

"Please come down Morrison St We are between Vineland Riverton. My grandchildren and my seeing eye dog and I will be there waving to you. God bless and Xmas cheer to you."

"Terrific. Many thanks for making Christmas special."

"The children really enjoy it!"

"Keep it up please! My family eagerly looks forward to your wonderful parade. The grandchildren especially enjoy the "Santa" and the wonderful music. Thank you so much"