The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

Thank You!

Rick Holbrook
Rick Holbrook

Thank you for making the 2011 Magical Christmas Caroling Truck a success!

Thanks to everyone who made our 28th annual Christmas Caroling Truck appearances a spectacular success! We are so grateful for all of the volunteers, contributors, police and city officials, and employees who work together to create the magic. Thanks also to the amazing communities, neighbors and friends who anticipate us every year and embrace us as your own. We wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!

- Rick Holbrook and the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck Crew

Thank you for joining together with us to make some Christmas magic…

Thank you to the people of the City of Burbank and the Moorpark/Tujunga Village who joined with the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck to make the December 1st and 2nd Christmas caroling events such a delight.

The City of Burbank included me in the planning of the Mayor’s Tree Lighting ceremony and the parade that followed. I was excited to be able to place moving lights and snow machines around city hall for the tree lighting ceremony, and suggest audio improvements for the growing crowds. Burbank continues to strive to make their Christmas open house better each year. Allowing us to be included in the pre and post meetings with the city is greatly appreciated. Gail and all of the city departments work together as a team and it’s truly an honor to be included in the Burbank family.

The Moorpark/Tujunga area has no formal association of businesses. The quaint street that we carol on is practically the same length as the truck. The crowds of people that come to this event spill out into the street. After we meet with Lenore and Helen from Panache Boutique this year, the merchants all felt that having the caroling truck there was so important that they implemented "No Parking" on the streets to accommodate the crowds. They also included the LAPD and young LAPD Explorers to help keep the street safe. One business owner personally put down caution tape to assist in the safety of the crowds. Food and drink was served at every store and temporary trashcans were provided all along the street for the convenience of the community. The businesses here forego one night of retail as the emphasis, for one night of giving, which draws us to this open house. The coordination and cooperation makes this night truly magical celebration for everyone.

Finally, thank you to my carolers who keep the tradition alive year after year. Everyone caroling, dancing, and yes, even Frosty the Snowman is a volunteer. It takes us weeks of preparation to bring the floats out of storage, clean every light, and get the music ready. Without each of the 150 volunteers, we would not be able to arrive anywhere. The truck is a non-profit group that is supported by donations from the neighbors and merchants that we carol for. Thank you to everyone who helps us keep this event pure and solely to bring something special to the Christmas season.

Rick Holbrook, Producer - The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck