The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

Christmas '97 Press Release

Experience the Memories

What is the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck? 'Tis the night before Christmas, and all through the streets, creatures are stirring, about 200 carolers! If you haven't experienced this local Christmas Eve tradition, your holidays just aren't complete! What ever your plans are for the evening, make time to pack up the kids and find the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck and join in the parade. When you find them, you will find a sixty-foot, eighteen wheeler flatbed adorned with Christmas scenes and thousands of lights carrying 200 singers and dancers, accompanied by a 5700 watt sound system. You could spend almost 7 hours on the truck serenading local residents and spreading holiday cheer Christmas Eve. But just describing this event does not do it justice.

The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck provides an evening of experiences for everyone. It's about meeting your neighbors and singing favorite songs together. Some neighborhoods turn into spontaneous block parties. The night is about spending an evening with the kids and family in anticipation of Santa's arrival on his souped-up train laden with toys and sparkling lights. Through the years, the Caroling Truck has affected many lives. Many people who live on the route say "It has provided a sense of spending the holiday in a small-town setting where--like in a classic film--magic can happen."

The purpose of the Caroling Truck is simple. To convey the warmth of the season, the sense of community and family, and (of course) just general fun! We invite you to come and experience the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck for yourself and make your own holiday memories.

The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck can be seen in the streets of Toluca Lake and North Hollywood between dusk and eleven PM on Christmas eve, rain or shine. Once the Truck is in your area, you can tune into the music at FM 88.3 and listen in. Attached is a map of our approximate times and locations. If you would like more information about the history of this event, please visit our website at Please note that the site is best viewed using Microsoft Explorer.