The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

Christmas '98 Press Releases

Warmth Predicted
for North Hollywood and Toluca Lake!

Are you ready for a little "warmth" of the season? It might be difficult to change the temperature, but there is an event in the North Hollywood and Toluca Lake neighborhoods which has been warming hearts on Christmas Eve for 15 straight years.

The event is the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck, a sixty-foot, eighteen wheeler flatbed adorned with Christmas scenes and thousands of lights, accompanied by a 5700 watt sound system. Over 200 singers and dancers bring the truck to life as they serenade local residents with favorite carols for nearly 7 hours on Christmas Eve.

Neighbors and visitors are encouraged to pack up the kids, grab your friends and head to the area to experience the magical "small-town" feeling of this unique event. Children will love to see their favorite Christmas characters and Santa's souped-up train laden with toys and covered in sparkling lights.

The purpose of the caroling truck is simple -- to convey the warmth of the season, the sense of community and family, and (of course) just general fun! Over the last 15 years, the truck has touched many hearts and changed many lives. Families in the neighborhoods now plan their Christmas gatherings based on the schedule and 10-mile route of the truck.

The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck can be seen in the streets of Toluca Lake and North Hollywood between dusk and eleven PM on Christmas eve, rain or shine. Once the truck is in your area, you can tune your radio to 88.3 FM to hear the music. The route covers the neighborhoods between Tujunga and Clyborne Avenues (west/east borders) and Magnolia Blvd. and Riverside Dr. (north/south borders). If you would like more information about the history of this event, please visit our website at


The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck
An Enchanting Local Tradition that is Loved by Most...

As we approach the holidays, our hearts are warmed by seasonal traditions and the anticipation of spending time with family and friends. One very special tradition for Toluca Lake, North Hollywood and Studio City residents is our own Magical Christmas Caroling Truck. Many people from different backgrounds are involved in making this happen, but all have the same intention -- to bring families and neighborhoods closer together and to spread the warmth of the season.

Every Christmas Eve since 1984, a little magic is spread through the streets with the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck. This unique event consists of a forty-five foot tractor trailer, adorned with magnificent Christmas scenes and thousands of sparkling lights. Over 200 singers and dancers and a 4,500 watt sound system accompany the truck, as local residents are serenaded with traditional Christmas carols.

For the past three years, the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck has also made special appearances at several open houses in the area. This is not easy as it requires hours of coordination and commitments from over 200 people to spend their evening as volunteer carolers. However, it is very rewarding and all who are involved, truly want to be there. It is an opportunity to give back to the community.

This year, in addition to Christmas Eve, the caroling truck will be featured at the Toluca Lake open house on Friday, December 4th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. So...pack up the kids, get the neighbors and head down to Riverside Drive to celebrate Toluca Lake's 75th anniversary!

>Unfortunately, the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck will not be making appearances at any other neighborhood open houses this year. A theater in the Moorpark-Tujunga Village area has decided not to welcome the event, and is preventing the truck from making its rounds at their open house. It looks to be a case of scrooge getting his way, and it is a great disappointment to truck organizers and carolers, as well as local businesses and residents.

However, you and your family can be sure to see the truck on Christmas Eve if you are in the Toluca Lake or North Hollywood neighborhoods from dusk till 11pm. The truck will be spreading Christmas cheer along the 10-mile route, rain or shine. Walk or drive to the area and listen for the music. You can also tune your radio to 88.3 FM once you're in the neighborhood to listen along. Visit the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck web site at for more information, or call (818) 764-1421.


Toluca Lake Holiday Open House, December 1998
The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck...
Spreading the Holiday Cheer and Disturbing the Peace!

On Friday, December 4th, the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck had its first appearance of the season at the Toluca Lake Holiday Open House! It was a picture perfect evening -- the merchants decked out their shops with twinkle lights and graciously hosted the droves of locals who showed up to be a part of the festivities. Though it was chilly and a little damp, hearts were warmed by the small-town feeling, complete with a horse-drawn carriage and Christmas carolers riding on a not-so-traditional 40-foot semi truck. Everyone involved with the Christmas Truck was very pleased with the evening and some even claimed that this was the most fun they've had on the truck yet!

The organizers of the Christmas Truck wish to apologize to merchants and guests for having to cut their route short. Unfortunately, the planned route of the truck extended a few hundred feet into Burbank where the carolers were asked by the Burbank Police Department not to spread their Christmas cheer. In the spirit of the season, the Burbank police were very polite with their request, but this did not ease the disappointment for the Burbank merchants, open house guests and carolers alike. The situation was turned over to the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce to take up with Burbank for next year's festivities.

Against the odds though, the truck's appearance was a great success and the city of Toluca Lake's support made the evening. Hopefully next year, the carolers will be welcome along the whole open house stretch and Burbank will decide that the Christmas Caroling Truck can pass through its streets just as Toluca Lake and North Hollywood have allowed for over 15 years. Happy Holidays!

Response from Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce