The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck

Christmas 2003 Press Release


The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck
20 Years of True Community Spirit


North Hollywood, CA · December 1, 2003 - The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck, a truly unique local tradition in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood and Studio City, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Every Christmas season, the Truck, with its block-long entourage, spreads Christmas cheer to thousands of local families and friends. The Caroling Truck is preparing for appearances on December 5th and 6th, and on Christmas Eve.

The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck tradition was born Christmas Eve 1984 after a recording session, when 12 of the musicians and engineers were inspired to decorate an old dump truck with some twinkle lights and go Christmas caroling. Equipped with their drums, bass, keyboard, a few microphones and a lot of holiday spirit, they caroled the entire evening. The response from the 10-mile route was overwhelming and every Christmas Eve since, the carolers and the Truck have made their appearance in the same neighborhoods.

Rick Holbrook, the event producer, describes the event: “Imagine you are sitting at the table just finishing Christmas Eve dinner with your family when you begin to faintly hear the musical sounds of Christmas coming from the street. As you look out your window, you see and hear hundreds of people singing songs of the season as they ride by on The Magical Christmas Caroling Truck.”

In the 20 years that this story has been repeating itself, the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck has become an integral part of the neighborhood’s life. Children have grown up with the anticipation of the Truck every Christmas Eve; families plan their holiday’s festivities based on the timing of the Truck’s arrival; and those spending the holidays alone have been engulfed by the carolers’ spirit of the season.

Today, the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck is a sixty foot eighteen wheeler, adorned with magnificent Christmas scenes and thousands of sparkling lights. Riding and following the truck are 200 singers and dancers, accompanied by a 6000 watt sound system serenading local residents with Christmas carols.

The Truck will be at the Toluca Lake open house on Riverside Dr., presented by the Toluca Lake Chamber Of Commerce, on Friday, Dec. 5th starting at 6:30 pm.

On Saturday, Dec. 6th at 6:00 pm the Truck will be featured in Studio City’s Annual Holiday Parade on Ventura Blvd., sponsored by the Studio City Chamber of Commerce, after which, the Truck makes its way to the Moorpark St./Tujunga Ave. intersection at 8:00 pm for the Moorpark/Tujunga Merchants Association Open House.

As its main event, on Christmas Eve the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck will be in the neighborhoods of Toluca Lake and North Hollywood between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM, rain or shine. Everyone is invited to participate and walk with the truck as it makes its way along the ten-mile route.

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